Animations about COVID-19 for Africa and Asia

Sanne van Neerven June 15, 2020 578 keer bekeken 0 comments

From HIFA forum, by Tom Gibb: Two adaptable animations about COVID-19 for information, community organising, broadcast or whatsapp groups in multiple languages for Africa and Asia.

Picturing Health made these animations in collaboration with clinical trial teams and community organisers. The graphics are simple and easy to adapt to different languages and settings.

All about COVID-19: Advice for Communities. What is coronavirus? How does it spread? How does hand washing and physical distancing help? What are the symptoms? Who is most at risk of serious illness? This short animation answers these questions. There are versions for Asia and Africa.

We need help voicing up translations (contacts with radio stations who can do it easily are best) and with making more local versions. We have translated into nine languages (Hindi, Tamil, Tibetan, Chichewa, Shona, RunyanKole, Luganda, Icibemba, Rutooro) and are translating into another ten (including Swahili, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Nande and Hausa).

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We have more than 60 films about many topics on our website. We will be creating more films about COVID-19. All films can be downloaded and used for free.

Thanks to BrightCarbon for donating time to create the animations and Translators without Borders.

HIFA profile: Tom Gibb is a Film-maker for Films for Health in the UK. Professional interests: I am a former BBC journalist. For the last eight years I have been working with Africa health workers and film makers to produce health related films in Africa. These include documentaries about clinical trials partnered by the Medical Research Council-Clinical Trials Unit; training films for clinicians; education films for patients; and films to challenge attitudes and promote discussion and change in communities.       

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