A Global Agenda for Inclusive Recovery

Hanne Aikema July 01, 2021 318 keer bekeken 0 comments

Last week, Inclusion International launched a new report - A Global Agenda for Inclusive Recovery.

Last week, Inclusion International launched a new report - A Global Agenda for Inclusive Recovery.

This report brings together the experiences that our members shared about how COVID-19 impacted people with intellectual disabilities and families and their countries, and presents our network’s common vision for an inclusive COVID-19 recovery through the voices of our members.

During the pandemic, the Inclusion International network has been united in our calls for a more inclusive response to COVID-19. Around the world, we have echoed the same demands to our governments and pushed for inclusion in the key areas that are important to our network – accessibility, family support, education, employment, social protection and more.

Our network knows that restoring the status quo will not “build back better” – COVID-19 has amplified barriers and systemic issues that already existed. This means that an inclusive recovery from COVID-19 will require breaking down those barriers and reimagining our communities to make sure everyone is included.

Inclusive communities are resilient communities, and our new report shares the roadmap to get there, as told through the voices of our members.

This report is available in multiple formats:






Our members have started a strategic conversation about how to take action on the shared agenda for inclusive recovery, and we want to hear about how you are using the shared agenda!

Contact Manel Mhiri at manel@inclusion-international.org so we can learn about and share your advocacy work for more inclusive communities after COVID!










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