Institutional grants

Hope, Inclusion and Learning with institutional grants

Obviously, winning a grant is an institutional funding success. However, successful implementation of the proposed programme and complying to the donors’ demands after winning the grant, is even more important. Please read more about this successful implementation in Bangladesh and about the winning VOICE proposal Celebrate Diversity - United for Inclusion!


Bus Hope for Life

In this case, we would like to mention the 7 years’ anniversary of the Hope for Life Bus in Bangladesh. This project was initiated by the SPO (DRRA) to reach out to children with disabilities to simply be diagnosed for their impairment, even in the most remote areas of Bangladesh. Early identification at their location and appropriate referral services can help early recovery and rehabilitation for children. In 2012 the bus was supported by two ministries in Bangladesh, the Embassies of Canada and the Netherlands and the Liliane Foundation. Its successful operations were mentioned as a good practice by UNICEF in 2014 and since then 69 (!) similar buses were financed by different donors, including the World Bank. Up till now the Hope for Life bus of DRRA alone reached 32.182 persons with disability, among them 23.815 children. This moving rehab centre is harvesting the dream of leaving no one behind!
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(photo: DRRA)

One of DRRA's POs "DIPSHIKHA" was also successful in receiving funding from the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation (KCF), Hong Kong. The amount of 21,386 euros will be spend on Improving the lives of persons with disabilities through a family development approach at Dinajpur, Bangladesh. The disability centre called Hope of light will be functioning as an inclusive learning and training centre. Needless to say that all areas of its buildings are accessible by wheelchair.

VOICE - Celebrate Diversity - United for Inclusion

Another institutional success was for the Liliane Foundation itself in the VOICE grant scheme. A VOICE grant is usually only eligible for SPOs and POs in Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia. For the only call for the Netherlands from VOICE last year, the Liliane Foundation proposed and won the project, giving the lead applicant to the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD). In this follow-up project of Breaking Down Barriers, we will focus on research and capacity building for disability advocacy. We want to bring together marginalized groups that will have peer-to-peer exchanges while looking towards lobby and advocacy from an intersectional approach. VOICE approved this project with 200,000 euros enabling us to execute this two-year learning trajectory: Celebrate Diversity - United for Inclusion.


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