LINC update

It has been almost two years now since the birth of the regional networks of the Liliane Foundation Inclusion Network (LINC). Curious what has been going on for the last months in each of the regions? The chairs like to present their achievements here.

LINC-Africa - by Greaterman Chivandire

We are delighted that our LINC-Africa Strategic Plan document is out. The compilation of the document was a process which started in May 2018 and was concluded in September. This document will be used as a road map and resource development plan for LINC-Africa for the coming 5 years. The network also managed to submit two joint project proposals to the L.F, one on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of PwD’s and one on Inclusive Education. These are part of the joint programming that we are doing as a network. These proposals are still under review by the International Secretariat and will in the future be replicable project models for LINC-Africa. Zimbabwe and Zambia embarked on a joint proposal on Lobbying and Advocacy submitted to the EU and it was successful. The project will be implemented starting January 2019. Members continue to communicate largely via E-mails, WhatsApp, Skype and BlueJeans Meetings. The communication has since improved as most of the members are now responding timely to any communication. The WhatsApp group platform is still active and is very convenient for messages that need a quick or prompt response.

LINC-Asia – by Dr. Mathew Abraham

It is my distinct pleasure and honour to reflect upon the synergies and collective action achieved through the LINC- Asia network as we draw to a close to the end of 2018. In the last few months, the outcomes of the LINC Steering Committee meeting have been discussed and shared with LINC-Asia members. Also, we are proud that LINC-Asia has developed a joint proposal on inclusive education which will be submitted to the Nippon Foundation through Liliane Foundation as part of the resource mobilization activities. Further to this, LINC-Asia members are developing a working document for collective strategies on common learning, sustainability and advocacy to be rolled out in 2019.

In addition to this, all LINC-Asia members are undertaking a CBR exchange programmes to learn best practices from other members. This will be followed by a M&E training for CBR and LINC -Asia regional meeting in the month of January 2019 at Indonesia. Our grassroots efforts continue, and the network members were able to reach out to over 35000 children and youngsters with disabilities annually.

LINC-Latin America - by Mary Zuñiga

During the second semester 2018, the members of LINC-Latin America had a common learning process in Sustainability from August to September. This course was given by using the virtual platform of Lazos Profesionales – Argentina, one of the members of LINC-LA. In October, LF approved the proposal “Conocer para Incidir” – (Know to do advocacy). This project looks for common learning, promotion, dissemination and advocacy in 5 countries of Latin America through the systematization of good practices in inclusive education and the creation of a platform that increases the recognition and positioning of LINC-LA.

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