After a successful debriefing workshop with internal and external stakeholders, as well as the third and final training held in Uganda last month, the project team is preparing for the symposium that will take place on September 26, 2019, in the Netherlands.

During the symposium, findings from the research component and the end evaluation will be presented. The research focuses on 11 case studies from Uganda, whereby data was collected prior to the launch of the pilot and will be gathered once again in June 2019. The aim is to explore the effect of the pilot on the functioning of these children but also on their quality of life as well as their caregivers’. The end evaluation will take place in July 2019 and be carried out by two South African occupational therapists with experience in childhood rehabilitation. The evaluation will look more broadly into the structure of the pilot and its implementation in Uganda, Cameroon, as well as Kenya and/or Tanzania. This evaluation will also provide recommendations to improve the methodology, training and support tools.

Kees and Kenneth will be in Cameroon from May 16thfor a period of three weeks. Given the current situation there, the implementation of the pilot has been moved to the French-speaking region. Coaching, as well as some training will be provided during this time.

If you wish to stay updated on the pilot and read more about the debriefing workshop for instance, feel free to visit the online platform.

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