LINC update

It is the year 2019, which means that it has been 3 years since LINC has been established. We are happy to see that the LINC networks are moving forward. Last year, the LF launched the network call to encourage the collaboration amongst LINC members. 5 Concept notes were submitted in the first round, and 3 of them got invited for a full proposal. Are you curious which projects have won and are being implemented at the moment? You can find this on platform Connect.

At the moment LINC-Latin America has started with the implementation of the “Knowledge for Influencing” project, while LINC-Asia is working hard on organizing a pre-congress workshop at the 4th Asia-Pacific Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID) Congress for July 2019. LINC-Africa is preparing for their face-to-face meeting in Ghana in May 2019.

This year will be an important year for LINC, since three years of the pilot of the regional networks will come to an end, which also means it is the last year that funding from Liliane Foundation is guaranteed. That is why the process and results of the regional networks will be evaluated in the period of July-August 2019. Based on this evaluation, the Steering Committee will develop a vision on how to proceed with LINC from 2020 onwards. We hope that all of you provide your honest input and ideas during the evaluation of LINC, because this will be very valuable for the future of LINC!

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