Official rewards in Benin

The winners of the certification by the Civil Society House (SSPH left and Miwadagbe second from the right)

On December 21st 2018 an official ceremony has taken place for the labelling of civic society organisations in Benin. This ceremony was organised by the ‘Maison de la Société Civile’, The House for Civil Society, in Benin. From the 25 thoroughly evaluated candidate organisations, only seven have been selected and rewarded with this label, among which the SPO in Benin and the partner organisation Miwadagbe. 

Official rewards for SSPH and Miwadagbe in Benin

Official handing over of the certificate to the director of the SSPH

The MDSC is the center where all civil society organisations and partners meet. They organise training and coaching for organisational development, link with potential partners and regroupe the organisations around the SDG’s in a way they can influence government policies in their field of work. This official recognition will certainly help to boost the visibility and credibility of the SSPH and Miwadagbe. 

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