Since the last newsletter the STEP pilot has entered the second phase in which Kees van de Broek and Kenneth Nangai have been coaching the fieldworkers and PO-representatives in the Lake Victoria region. Please read more to remain informed.

Furthermore the STEP team prepares the rounding off the pilot in September. Therefore they organise a debriefing workshop in which stakeholders, fieldworkers, PO-representatives from the four pilot countries (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Cameroon), and LF management will participate. There will also be a final round of training for the fieldworkers. 

For those who would like to stay informed, the STEP online platform has been developed to provide general information, updates, and support tools. Most of the information on the platform is open to everyone, although some specific components are only available to those directly involved in the pilot. In addition, a page has been specifically developed for interested parties not yet involved in STEP to easily access information about the general setup, lessons learned and tools: 

-       For English speakers:

-       For French speakers:

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