Update Breaking down Barriers

Can Exposure Reduce Prejudice? The Introduction of Police Officers with Disabilities in Sierra Leone

New research findings Breaking down Barriers

Recently a new project sheet was published: ‘Can Exposure reduce Prejudice? the Introduction of Police Officers with Disabilities in Sierra Leone’.  The study examines an initiative in which police officers with disabilities were employed by the Freetown Police to work alongside ‘abled’ police officers with the aim of challenging negative stereotypes. The full project sheet can be downloaded here.

Breaking down Barriers is a learning trajectory on disability advocacy. Project partners are the Liliane Foundation, the African Studies Centre (University Leiden), and the SPOs and academic partners in Sierra Leone, Zambia and Cameroon. During the 4 year project period about 12 researches are conducted in these three countries. The goal is to collect evidence on which advocacy strategies are most effective and to share this knowledge with all SPOs. The outcomes of all researches are published in English, Spanish and French on www.barriersfree.org.

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