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The Liliane Foundation, the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development and Voice have joined hands to implement the ‘Voices for Inclusion’ project. This project focuses on learning about advocacy by or with different groups of people facing exclusion in 5 countries (Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Nigeria, Indonesia and The Philippines) in order to discover if collaboration between groups with different backgrounds can lead towards more effective influencing for inclusive policies and practices. If your organisation is interested in this innovative learning challenge you are invited to read on!

Outline of  the project

The project starts with the selection of three organisations representing different groups of people facing social exclusion and/or marginalisation in each of the five countries. Once the organisations have been selected, the trajectory consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Site visits & learning event at country level
In July-August 2019, the 3 selected organisations per country will visit one another to understand each other’s approach on influencing policy and practices, based on a good practice. These peer-learning visits will be guided by a national facilitator. The insights from these visits will be collected and further discussed during a learning event in the country.

Phase 2: International learning event
In November 2019, representatives of the 15 participating organisations (one representative per organisation) will come together for a 3-days international learning event in The Netherlands to continue the learning process that started at country-level but from a global perspective. During the first 2 days, participants will share their good practices on advocacy and learn about the importance of collaboration beyond the borders of their own group. The third day the participants will take part and contribute to a larger public event.

More details of the Voices for Inclusion project are described here.

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Why should your organisation apply?

Apart from joining us in this unique learning challenge, during the international learning event in The Netherlands, the participant organisations will get the chance to win one of the awards!

First, there are 5 awards of €5000,- each (one per country) for the organisation with the most exemplary influencing practice, which has already been, or is currently being, implemented. The winning organisation must use the prize for further advocacy activities.

Secondly, there is one larger prize to win: The Voices for Inclusion Award. This is a grant of €25.000 for the most promising and innovative proposal. This proposal should take forward the insights gained during the collective learning process in the home country.


Which type of organisations are we looking for?

The Voices for Inclusion project is looking for organisations or coalitions advocating for inclusion of the following groups :

  • Indigenous groups and/or ethnic minorities;
  • Age-discriminated vulnerable groups, notably the young and the elderly;
  • Groups discriminated by their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, and/or sexual characteristics (SOGIESC);
  • People with disabilities
  • Women facing exploitation, abuse and/or violence

In the spirit of the principle of “Nothing About Us Without Us” preference will be given to organisations led by these groups themselves. This means that if the target group(s) do not play roles in the governance and management of the organisation, applicants would need to describe how these groups are involved in the conceptualisation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of their work.

If you are interested to participate, check first if your organisation responds to the selection criteria.
To apply, please submit your application at the latest on the 19th of June 2019.


For any questions about the project or the application, you can contact Karin Rozendal (Project Leader)



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