Voices for Inclusion Project Details

The project in steps

Step 1 - Selection of the organisations
Based on the selection criteria a committee composed by officers from Liliane Foundation, DCDD, VOICE  - advised by the consultant - will make a choice of three organisations or coalitions of organisations. In their applications, all applicants have to describe a successful advocacy result achieved by them. All the organisations that have applied will be officially informed on the results as soon as the selection process is completed.

Step 2- Peer-learning visits
The selected organisations or coalitions will visit each other to exchange on the other’s good advocacy practice and achieved results. This means you will visit two other organisations and receive one visit from the other participants in your country, with a maximum of 3 staff representing each organisation or coalition. These exchanges will take place during the month of July 2019. Each visit will take a maximum of 3 days, including travel time.

Step 3- The national learning event
Following the exchange visits, a main learning event will take place in your country in the month of August, bringing together all three participating organisations. This will be a one day event. There will be space to present your good practices to a wider audience, and you will get the opportunity to work on your innovative idea that can run for the ‘Voices for Inclusion Innovation Award’.

Step 4- Finalise your subscription for the awards
With all new insights and reflections from the exchange visits and the national learning event, you can now improve the documentation of your good practice case. You submit the final version for the ‘Good practice award’ at the beginning of September. If you have been inspired to develop a new project, a new addition to an existing project, or an idea for making your organisation more inclusive, you can also apply for the ‘Voices for Inclusion Innovation Award’.

Step 5 – Join the international learning event in The Netherlands
From every participating organisation, one representative is invited to travel to The Netherlands to join the international learning event in November 2019. This means that 15 people from 5 different countries will come together to discuss their experiences and participate in the workshop on advocacy and the role of intersectionality. Also, each representative gets the chance to present the candidature of the organisations for the awards to a jury. So maybe you are the lucky one to go home with an award of €5.000 or even a grant of €25.000 which you can invest in your project.

Step 6 – Follow-up
If you have won an award, we will discuss the follow-up at a later stage. Visual reporting on the spending of the grants will be a requirement for both awards. For the ‘Voices for Inclusion Innovation Award’, a contract will be signed and narrative and financial reporting will be part of the follow-up.

Intersectionality emphasizes that people can experience multiple sources of oppression based on their race, class, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, (dis)ability, etcetera.
For example: being a girl and having visual impairment (age, gender, disability).


What can you expect from us?

As to support all participants during this unique learning and networking experience, we will provide the following:

  • A national facilitator who guides the participants during the in-country exchange visits and learning event, as well as for the development of the respective submissions for the awards;
  • Financial compensation for travel costs, accommodation and food during the exchange visits and the learning event in country, as well as reimbursement of costs for organising the in-country learning event (all based on a real costs and with a maximum amount);
  • Fully covered travel expenses and stay for one person per organisation (and if needed a companion) for the international learning event in The Netherlands.


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